Safe & Secure

We take the safety of you and your family seriously. Our products are applied according to label and state law.

17+ Years Expertise

We hold the highest certifications in both Pest and Termite structural pest control attainable in the state of Texas with over 17 years combined experience.

Great Pricing

We offer very reasonable, affordable, and competitive pricing with all of our services. With your free inspection, we will develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Plano Exterminator Services

Steadfast Pest and Wildlife’s residential Plano exterminator service delivers a safe and thorough pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now and prevent future issues from ever happening. Our experienced team is able to identify potential threats throughout your property and develop a barrier system to help eliminate issues before they occur.

Treatment plans and Services

Each home and pest issue truly is unique! We cater service plans depending on your particular needs. We recommend pest control services to be applied quarterly to maximize the treatment effectiveness and keep pest populations around your home to a minimum. This will reduce the chances of you having pests invade the interior of your home, but we do provide one-time pest control services as well. Mosquito services are applied monthly to reduce mosquito populations in areas that they harbor. If you have any areas around your home that hold and let water stand, then those areas should be fixed to prevent mosquitos from breeding on your property. Exclusion services are provided as a one-time service option, but as long as paired with our pest control quarterly service, is warrantied for the life of the pest control service. If you only want the exclusion and no other services then it can be warrantied with an annual renewal fee that will paid after an inspection is provided to see if any repairs are needed.

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